Spring Planting

Spring Planting

Although Earth Day has come and gone, it is the season to enjoy God’s great earth with all its rich soil and resources. When I was a child I loved to dig and play in the dirt in our back yard, mix the water and soil, pat it all down into mayonnaise jar lids, then bake my ‘mud pies’ or ‘tarts’ in the hot sun. I carefully unmolded them onto a cardboard box, my make-believe ‘kitchen table,’ or ‘counter.’ I would then pretend to serve them to my little play friends (real or imaginary) and my pet dog, Tiny. I pretended my ‘mud pies’ or ‘tarts’ were as good as any real pies my mother could make. At that time I had no problem eating my baked goodies. Well, I didn’t actually eat the whole thing, but rather tasted it. I enjoyed playing in the dirt back then.

Today, as one belonging to the ‘baby boomer’ generation I still enjoy playing in the dirt. Filling flower pots with handfuls of soft, cool potting soil, digging around in it to create little pockets to carefully tuck in a new flower, seedling or plant. A little drink of tepid water, and it is ready to be taken to a place or section in my yard, or house where it gets just the right amount of sun or shade. April and May are months I go to garden centers or nurseries to pick out new plants and flowers for spring planting when all danger of frost is over, safe from late winter season snow storms. It is a beautiful thing to observe all the colors of red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and hues in all shades that come with a new season each spring. Trees are filling out, leaves and grass turning green. Even the birds enjoy the new season, singing, chirping, and looking for a new tree to nest in. And, my perennials begin to bud with new life, keeping their promise to return again. A season to plant, to enjoy and care for what God has given us on this great planet, earth. “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.” (Psalm 24:1).


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