There is no shame…

There is no shame in accepting failure; only in not accepting someone else’s success. Through the years this has been a learning lesson for me, when I heard of other writer friends’ reaching that point in their life to see their name and work in print. It is more a lesson in humility than merely reading the stories of literary success and greatness of well published novelists or poets. When one’s success at publication is not my own, but another’s. Rejections on submitted entries and manuscripts to writing venues, publishers, and editors can have one feel as if all their work on a story or book is in vain, not worthy of publication. At times when discouraged, or  disappointed,  I felt as if it was time to give up on writing. Sound familiar to some of you writers? Maybe. I don’t think I am the only one, but rather one of many to feel like this at times. But, I made a decision to continue with my writing, my prose, rhyming, story, or whatever my project was at the moment. Writing  is too much a part of me to give up. It is a part of who I am,  and cannot be compartmentalized, or put aside. That is like giving up on myself, and giving up on God who ultimately blessed me with a gift to use however He chooses to use it, and what I choose to write. When I believe in myself, what I can do, and what I am inspired to write is often a time  when it comes more naturally, unrestrained. And, when I am not under stress to ‘edit’,  meet a ‘deadline’,  ‘delete’,  or ‘cut’ what I feel is worthy to be read. But, part of that contentment I think too requires me to be happy for those, and congratulate the ones who have reached the pinnacle of success in having a ‘New release’ out, or ‘contract,’ for publication. Succeeding in that, is a lesson learned.

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