Friday Fictioneers – The Storm – 100 word story from picture prompt

The below brief story is one I wrote for the ‘Friday Fictioneers’ writing group, based on the picture prompt. It is a writing exercise I enjoyed, and had fun doing. If it were to have a title I would just call it, “The Storm.”  It has exactly 100 words, the required amount. I plan to add more fiction soon, but will be another chapter to my novel, “Where Lies the Truth.”


The Storm

Hail pelted my head. The wind’s furry bucked my efforts as I struggled to get back.

It was a  stupid decision to set out on a late night run down the road, away from camp.

When I started out there was only a sprinkle. Breezes blew the leaves around. Then the moon disappeared behind dark clouds. I could barely see. The forest’s trees stretching upward succumbed to the winds’ howling strength breaking off limbs, falling near my feet. I panicked.

“Help me, God.”

The rain turned to a drizzle. The moon opened before me, giving me light.

I’m home, Safe.


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