It has been a b…

It has been a busy week as I have worked at fine tuning the elements and options on my ‘pages’. Since I have not been posting officially (I signed on March, 2011) with WordPress prior  to April of this year, it has taken quite some time to learn my way around it, but am making progress. I finally got the pages figure out now and have posted and uploaded five chapters to the ‘Historical Fiction’ book I am writing. With re-checking on spelling and sentence structure, and other things it has helped me find new parts to edit, shorten or correct. So, bear with me on my attempts to create a credible piece worth reading or following. I also had major computer problems and a ‘crash’ last weekend on my old standby Gateway desktop PC. So, had to reload and reset my programs, do back-ups and clean up old files and those duplicated.  I recently had a birthday and got something I have wanted to get for some time, a laptop (HP Pavilion) so was nice to have the new ‘spare’ to check and read e-mails, but it is my old desktop that I am most used to and love working on with old and new files, pictures, etc. The one thing I do not really get into and care  about is downloading songs, or movies, etc. I do videos of my kids, grandchildren and family with my Sony camcorder so often need to work on those but am more tied up in the writing, and setting this page up to my liking. I have barely glanced at all the ‘posts’ on blogs I follow, but plan to go back and take a closer look at those too, and make comments as much as I can. I had a really nice Mother’s Day last Sunday as I have two really great grown daughters that are awesome and four grandchildren (two girls, two boys, two kids per daughter) with our two oldest grandchildren graduating from high school this next week. They are twins (boy and girl) and awesome kids too, as are the two little ones belonging to our (husband and I) youngest girl. I won’t dare give my age, except to give you all a clue that I and my husband just signed up for our Medicare last month. Whoopee doo. Well, that wraps up a little about myself to those who do not really know me except what they have read on my blog page. I will add what I do consider thee most important part of who I am though. I am a Christian, and believer in the One, Jesus from Nazareth who went to Calvary on my behalf, so is another reason why you will see occasional pieces of mine posted with scriptures, references or encouraging inspirational tidbits in my posts, devotionals and poems. And, thank you all too for reading my page and following. More to come later.     

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