Leaving Behind a Legacy

No one has a monopoly on their tomorrows; only a down payment on their today.

Success will not be found on a game board, but in our ‘journey,’ down the road of


If you had a premonition that you would not be around to reach your next

birthday, what would you do between now and then? What we do between our

first and last breath of life will determine the legacy we leave behind. What will

our legacy be after we are gone? Will it have impacted another life? Will it count

for something besides lost time? What changes would you make in your life? The

direction we take determines the legacy we leave behind for others. As a parent

and grandparent this is always something I think about. It is foremost in my

mind. What I leave behind for my children and grandchildren is not mere material

possessions, but things I hope have counted in my life worth real value, without

a price tag attached.

My teenage grandchildren (twins) graduate from high school this week. I think

back, remembering with a clear head, and good memory all the times I babysat

them since babies. There were happy days, sad days, busy or difficult, easy

or stressful; they were all days covered in prayer. But, watching them grow up

into young adults, ready to go out into the world with fresh ideas, unmet goals,

dreams not yet realized and questions unanswered leaves me thinking how

none of us have the answers to the questions in life. I certainly do not.

But, I know the One, Jesus Christ, who does have answers to everything, and will

walk beside them. I know He will lead them along paths straight and sure,

through valleys dark and deep, up steep mountains difficult, and treacherous, and

of course through pastures and fields where the journey is pleasant. I know He

will guide them when, or where they do not know the path to take and confusion

or uncertainty sets in somewhere, sometime. Because, as sure as a new day

comes there will be those times, and I can only pray and hope they will be ready

for the challenges that come their way, as they did for me when I was their

age. Without that hope, we are destined to succumb, or fail at whatever we are not

ready to cope with.

Here’s to you, Kristen and Chris, and to life, new challenges, experiences and

success, and to the rest of the Class of 2012, (high school or college) and to the

Hope they can have in Jesus, the ‘friend’ without a facebook page, but a book

written to His honor and glory, to the One who never changes, grows old with

time, leaves you, betrays you, or departs because He has another agenda, plan or

‘life’ to live.

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