Free to be ‘Me’

To be happy with yourself, allow your weakness to become your strength. In the natural this seems pretty illogical, if not impossible. In a world where perfection is expected, but seldom, if ever mastered, one can stress over their lack in areas where they feel they have been shorted in.  Our weaknesses can be so transparent that the world can see in us what God wants most to use.  It is in these areas where He can use us to bless someone needing what we can do. But, what is that?

This is something I often ponder over. That when I dwell on my weaknesses, always wishing I could do something better, or be someone I am not, I have to instead dwell on the truth that God does not create what He cannot use.  Rather, He is glorified  in creating one who reflects His image, not one who distorts it. There is no one who has ever lived that was without a purpose, or plan God had for him or her. But, it is the human nature we are born with to fall short in ways, and feel as if we have failed ourselves. It is when we reflect His image that the plan and purpose He ordained  in our lives can be perfected. In everyone there is a plan and purpose He set forth. Does one care to find it? Or, does that one wish instead to do their own thing, go their own way, and not care about reflecting the image He created us for?

I cannot speak for others, but only for myself that I am always a ‘work in progress,’ and have not finished even a ‘first draft’ of what it will look like, but God is not my ‘agent,’  ‘critic,’ or employer. He is my father, who is patient, loving and holds me in his palm. He will mold me, make me and create in me what He can use.  He does not stomp His feet, point His finger in disgust, swear profanities, or send down His wrath upon me for my disobedience or lack of consistency.  He allows me instead to choose my way, find my strengths, work on my weaknesses, and in the process reflect His image in a way that others will see Him. That might seem like an impossible project, striving to perfect His plan in/through me, but it is a freedom that frees me from performing, trying to be something or someone I am not, and I am free to be ‘me’.

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