Friday Fictioneers, July 27, “The Spigot”


The below post is a short 100 word fiction story posted for the Friday Fictioneers writing group. A photo prompt is provided and writers create a story to go with the photo. Below is mine.


The vibration, thumping sound grew louder.

Engineers conferred, checking water pressure levels, testing valves, equipment, analyzing all.

“At this rate we’ll suffer breakdown. A power shortage. The generators are on overload.”

“We’ve examined every square inch in the structure for damage, a leak, or crack. They’ve found nothing.”

“No tremor. No earthquake. Yet, we have tons of H2O being depleted mysteriously from water main lines, and aqueducts feeding off the Hoover Dam? I need answers!”

Red lights flashed. Alarms sounded.

One screen beeped. A picture came up.

“A spigot?”

“With a message, sir.”

“We’ve just drained your well.”



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