October 24, 2012. While my husband drove, I kept my eye on my target, and my window opened. We were heading east towards St. Louis, into the rising sun. I waited for the perfect moment hoping to get it at just the right time on my digital camera. Sometimes the moment comes too soon and I am not ready, sometimes too late, and the moment gone. Kind of like life in a way with a lot of things. I have a favorite scripture passage in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 of the Old Testament that talks about how there is a season, a time for everything under the sun. It often makes me think of the windows that open to us for just a moment, and there is anticipation when the time is right. Opportunities come, and go, and what we do with them often depends on the outcome. The opportunities that come can bring with it rewards when ready. The photo here is just an illustration for this poem and post, but the scripture passage in Ecclesiastes is one to remember for those times when with an opened window we see opportunity. Life is full of opportunities and ‘windows’ along the way. Solomon had great wisdom. It is what he asked God for when asking for one thing only. To have the wisdom to be a great leader, and make decisions that would bring positive results. He wanted wisdom to know when the season was right for the things he must do, and wisdom to know when not to. It is my wish and prayer too, to be given that kind of wisdom. Even as a writer it makes me aware that what I write, when, or where I share can have its rewards, or not.  It is the window of opportunity I do not want to waste, but want to know which to pursue, and which not to.


Darkness dispelled;

A new day is dawning

The sun boldly rises

Where I stand to embrace

The coming too, a new season

Where a window if there be opened

Through which to look for a time to find

A moment to seize; to take hold

To not waste what I’ve been given

For too soon it may be gone

and the window be closed.

Joyce E. Johnson


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