Tranquil Reflections

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It was Autumn when I took this picture. My husband and I, and our dog did our usual walk that day. This is a popular walking trail, along the Big Thompson River. On that day the water was calm. The air was still with little wind. Squirrels were out at play, crows and woodpeckers could be heard all along the trail. It was one of those tranquil moments one can only capture on film. It is why I like to have my camcorder or camera with me for just these times: instilled serenity, where I can go back and view it on film or photo. I’m waiting for warmer weather again to have more of these moments. But, then there are more people and dogs out on the trail too, more noise, and less of the quiet. So, we enjoy these times when they are warm, tranquil and calm, lazy and slow.


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