Casting Apparitions

Every week a photo is posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields provided by her, or someone else for the benefit of inspiring writers from all over the globe to submit their own 100 word story based on the photo prompt.  Below is my story. It is pure fiction in the literal sense, entertaining, but never autobiographical of any experience I, or anyone I know, have experienced. My characters, plots and locations are those of my own creation, and from the world of ‘make believe.’ They are not indicative of my own beliefs, or perspectives, necessarily, but of their own, real or imagined. You may find all my prior 100 word stories under the category of Friday Fctioneers, Flash Fiction, or Short Fiction if you are new to my blog and wish to go back and read any of my older stories. I welcome you to come along with me to my imaginary world of ‘make believe.’

Joyce E. Johnson


Casting Apparitions (Friday Fictioneers Flash fiction, Jan., 31)

“Your piece is shaping up, nicely. Add a little more detail here though. Who are they?” My art instructor asked.

“They’re my ancestors.”

“Oh, yes. Your other passion. Family history.” 

“Right. One is Robert Walpole from the British parliament, the other, Ludwig Van Beethoven.”

“Oh! Really?”


Their images shared the space with other old family documents.

They came to her that night again, while she lay sleeping.

Two white apparitions; Beethoven, performing symphony #9 on the piano.

And Walpole; pounding his gavel on the old, rustic, withered white bench. “Guilty as charged!”

Music to her ears.

She slept.


Joyce E. Johnson

Portrait of Beethoven in 1815, two years after...

Portrait of Beethoven in 1815, two years after the premiere of his 7th Symphony.

English: Robert Walpole prime minister of Brit...

Robert Walpole

British Parliament


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