Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

E-books verses paperbacks.

Which do I prefer? The choice for me is an easy one. I don’t own an e-reader and don’t plan to buy one. I don’t like having to buy and learn how to use the next new tech gadget just to read a book, or depend on something like that to pull up the internet (via a smart phone). Nor, do I want to bother having to recharge an e-reader, or go through a process to keep what I read secure from misuse or abuse. I like the convenience of pulling out a paperback or hardback whenever I am at home and reading while sitting in my ‘reading chair’ in the comfort of my home.  I have more difficulty reading from the smaller tech gadgets and prefer the close up range of a printed copy using my reader glasses. With the paperback or hardback copy of a book, I just take it with me where ever I am going like to appointments and can quickly open it up to read without needing to turn it on or warm it up. That is too inconvenient for my lifestyle.

I also love the thrill of going through the isles of a bookstore, looking for good deals, perusing the bestsellers, and checking out reference books on writing and other topics. I have an extended collection of hardback books and paperbacks in my library and am very selective on those that I choose to buy. When I’m in the bookstore I can sit down and read a portion of the book then that I am considering buying and can see if I might like it and judge for myself if it is worthy of the cost to buy it and worthy my time to read it. I cannot do this with an e-book if I were to purchase them on-line to use with an e-reader. When they offer only a page online to view, or the synopsis of a book it is not often enough for me to make a decision that way to buy it online, unless I have known about the book, read the reviews, and been given a recommendation.


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