‘Wall to Wall’? Funny you should mention that. As I went through my blog and deleted old ‘pages’ this week to make room for new ‘pages’ and posts, it was a frustrating experience once again trying to work out the complex system Word Press has developed for our ‘walls’ or collage of sorts. How does one go about adding new ‘pages’ neatly to the sidebar as a ‘widget’ without getting it all messed up and incorporated wrongly into the above menu? It requires a ‘Dummy’ book for the denser of the dense like me, I guess. 🙂 Well, I got it accomplished the first time around with my first ‘pages’ and an order, somewhat, but the second time around I had to once again begin all over to familiarize myself with the system designed for such an option. So, back to the ‘wall to wall’ look or mood I’m trying to create? Well, just putting up and displaying what pleases my eyes, and accomplishes my goal is all I’m interested in at the moment. Maybe it is not a ‘mood’ that comes into play, but just what interests me, and the fact I just want to keep things updated, post what is new, and draw interest, and readers to my site and display my ‘stuff’. It is all about compelling the curious, interested, and the faithful back to my collage, my wall, my domain. I’ve read a lot of tips, and posts lately on how to make things come together for the completed look, but I am one that likes those ‘Dummies’ books and old style manuals one can pull off a shelf and get into for the nerdy, wordy amateur blogger I am. How does everyone else fair in working through the Word Press system to display their ‘walls’?

By the way, this is a great time for me to thank all those faithful, and new readers and followers to my site. Thank you, all.


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