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Cyber Maze


Where the Internet is stored

Where the Internet is stored (Photo credit: debs)

From start to finish I search my page

on Internet Explorer, or the great Google Chrome

surfing and clicking through numerous links

that span the ages of time and tome

to find the site where I need to go.

My ‘cache’ is full, the ‘cookie’ jar too

My final ‘click,’ at last. I’m here.

Now to read instructions on what to do.

Type information in designated space

Username, password, home address too,

Email address, account number, cell?

All must be entered by the asterisk in place.

When all of a sudden 

my ‘browser’ locks up, there’s a screwy face.

The screen freezes or changes, moves things around

to the left in a column, all up and down.

Now, I have to start over after refreshing the page,

and hope I can type it all in again

while trying to control my Internet rage.

 Another message, ‘Your session has expired’

Where is my data I’ve already entered?

Lost somewhere out there in cyberspace?

Repeat and retype all in once again.

‘We’re processing your request,’

Move down to ‘Next,’ or to ‘Continue.’

The golden moment, confirming ‘Success’

The message reads, ‘Registration Complete.’


Joyce E. Johnson (2013)

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