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If anyone has missed my posts for the last ten days, I have been traveling to places I had not seen before.  It was a journey of the most amazing sights in the U.S. with incredible views that filled our digital camera with photos we will cherish forever. The Grand Canyon is like a huge deep rock bowl surrounded by layers and shapes of compressed sandstone in colors of terra-cotta clay, taupe colored sand, and ridges stacked with pine and cedar trees growing out from the rock bowl cliffs.  I visited the South Rim many years ago, twice, but this is the first time I have visited the North Rim. The North Rim is unlike that of the South Rim where cactus and sagebrush bake in a hot Arizona sun. The North Rim is surrounded by forests of pine and cedar trees warmed by midday breezes, but cooled at night from winds that blow across and over its deep crevices and ravines. We spent two glorious days there with friends. Going into Arizona’s Grand Canyon North Rim we traveled through Utah and saw many of their own beautiful, magnificent rock cliffs as we  visited Zion National Park. So, here is a small gallery of photos we took from both places. The shapes, colors and hues of the red and brown rock are seen with many different formations. Below are just a few of those we photographed.


Joyce E. Johnson

2013 Grand Canyon trip 2172013 Grand Canyon trip 0262013 Grand Canyon trip 0632013 Grand Canyon trip 031

2013 Grand Canyon trip 0792013 Grand Canyon trip 1712013 Grand Canyon trip 020

2013 Grand Canyon trip 2072013 Grand Canyon trip 2732013 Grand Canyon trip 001

Photos by: Joyce E. Johnson and T. Wayne Johnson

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