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For those who have clicked, looked and tried to find my old ‘header’ photo at the top, or my old profile ‘gr avatar’ photo from before, it is a bit changed and different looking. My top photo is a favorite one I took on a vacation many years ago to the New England states. if looking a bit compressed because I could not bear to crop it. 🙂 I did some maintenance work on the site with archives, story chapters, etc. to make things easier to find for those following either or any of the fiction stories, short and long. I do not have a definite scheduling plan set on my blog, but am trying to maintain a tentative one by posting at least twice a week, once in the middle of the week on Wednesdays, and again on Saturday or Sunday. My plan presently is to post a chapter each week to my WIP story, The Informant’s Agenda, which is the story I am more focused on right now. And, I will post at least one of another kind of post, such as a photo, poem, essay or misc. post during the middle of the week.

There are times though when ‘life happens’ and we can get behind, need to catch up, take a break, reset priorities, or we struggle trying, getting stressed out along the way, Maybe other bloggers and writers are like that at times. and the set schedule of posting might take a back seat to my other priorities. I am a wife to my husband of 47 years, a mother, grandmother, am involved in my church, and volunteer time with seniors and elderly residents at assisted living centers and nursing homes to help with those older than myself.  🙂   My family too, always comes first as I am committed to them and other obligations. My time though at my computers and my writing is nothing less than an obsession, as I love to write, but at times need to reset my priorities to give more of myself to others. It is what helps to keep a balance in my life.

But, who knows. There might also be a time when I have something that I want to post right away, because the mood moves me to go with the spontaneity of the moment and I am eager to share it, and cannot wait. 🙂 I appreciate every reader, blogger and follower here, and those too who follow or read my posts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google, and their comments are always welcome. Thank you, to all who have visited or follow me.

And so without waiting another day or time, I am in one of those spontaneous moments and hope you enjoy my next newly created little ‘limerick’ story to follow this post.


Joyce E. Johnson (2013)

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