There lived under a bridge…

The above photo is one I took of the Big Thompson River in my city (Loveland, CO.) where we walked almost every day with our dog, Maggie before the big flood in September of this year, 2013. The bridge seen in the background is now gone, as it was completely destroyed, but the big bridge in the foreground is the underpass at Wilson Blvd., At times there were things left behind having us believe there may have been homeless people living there, but the popular trail was always busy with bikers, hikers, people and their dogs walking it, and everyone was friendly, courteous and we all have missed the trail that was nearly all destroyed by the flood and is presently being rebuilt. photo credit: Joyce E. Johnson

There lived under a bridge by the water

a man when he walked would totter,

but kind was he

to all he did see,

and never to any a bother.


They called him a ‘troll,’

thought him strange and droll

living as he did

keeping well hid

under the bridge like a mole.


 (Joyce E Johnson © 2013

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