Quiet Rest


 There is a place of quiet rest

where I can go, and I can find

 inner strength to overcome

all that weighs upon my mind;

where I can feel

His healing touch

and rest assured

and know it’s real.

when I speak His name

with beseeching prayer

I feel His presence

and know He hears.

It’s near the heart

of God that I rest;

It’s in this place

I’ve come to be blessed.


Note: scripture references that inspired the poem above are found in Psalm 62: 1&2, Psalm 91, Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV) Below are my own thoughts and interpretations.

 We live in a world where commitments can rob us the time for things most important in our lives. Sometimes, the more we take on and commit to the less we have in us to maintain a balance, or even stay sane. We juggle. We run and rush around; but often cannot ‘rest’. If the body and mind is not at rest our soul isn’t either. We can lose what is most important, substitute or fill the void with things that do not bring lasting satisfaction.

God wants to bring us rest, take the weariness away, and fill the void with peace; a peace that lasts, one that is not temporary. It is on this foundation where we can build our fortress; one standing, firm and solid.  (Psalm 62: 1& 2). We can be like shifting sands that blow, carried along by winds currents, or storms in life. But, God wants to be our rock; unmovable, unchanging, unshakable, a solid foundation.

If we dwell in God’s shelter we need not fear the things that come against us, nor worry over things we cannot control. He’s the wings that cover us, the shadow that harbors us, the armor that shields us, and the fortress and stronghold that protects us, our refuge. (Psalm 91:4). His angels will stand guard over us day and night.  (Psalm 91:11). He will be with us during trouble in whatever form it comes, whatever disease we face whatever the situation, if we acknowledge His name.

God asks for us to give Him our worries so He can give us rest for our souls. His yoke is “easy”, his burden, “light”. He wants us to learn from Him those things which will make our load easier to bear because He takes on the heavy stuff so we don’t have to. (Matthew 11:28-30).

I am thankful to know the one in whom I trust, lean on and rest in.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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