Remembering a time in life before computers

There was a time and a place when my whims, moods or spontaneity dictated my day, the things I did or felt, and they were more carefree. But, that was when I was a child, or a teenager with fewer frustrations in life.  But, those days are long gone now that I know what it feels like to be a ‘baby boomer’, a senior watching the days and years pass all too quickly. I now work much harder to keep my brain sharp, my vision and hearing, and know that when I have laid down my car keys at the end of the day I can remember where to find them again the next day. I want to remember that I had my coffee pot filled and readied for the new day; not find water spilling out of its already filled reservoir, and that I remembered to write down appointments on my calendar. The list goes on.

Today, I treasure every memory I can recall, and every place I found serenity or pleasure wishing to return once more just to enjoy it again and savor the moment. I value every new idea my brain can invent or create, every word I can still spell or define, every sunset that merges into twilight and greets a new dawn upon its waking hours. It is another day I anticipate hoping for a clear head, a mug of hot coffee, and a working viable computer before me without crashes, frustrations and long lists of updates to install before my brain crashes and I forget what I was going to write or where I saved my file. I believe writing is one of those things that helps keep my mind sharp, but computers that confuse it. But, during the last full week it was my desktop computer that took the crash, and I had to start over with a clear head, some ingenuity and reload all of my Windows software. It was probably the jumbled up order I ‘arranged’ my docs and files in the first place that threw my trusty old desktop into a confused tailspin. 🙂 But, it is that PC where I do all my ‘creative’ stuff.  But, I will see how my old desktop performs under a newly rebuilt ‘engine’.  I have all the same files and programs on my newer working laptop, but it is my desktop that took the hit, and where I feel the most at home working on.

I am now working on the last few and final chapters of, The Informant’s Agenda, but it will need more writing and  editing before the story is finished  and I can finally look into publishing options, so might be a while before I can post those last few chapters, but for the time being I will work on other material and posts to add in between those chapters. Thank you to those who are following it. The comments and feedback have been so appreciated.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

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