Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae is a mix; a bit of Australian cattle dog,

With a bit of Shar Pei and Chow, we think.

Her coat is the color of cinnamon and honey,

and her tongue is spotted, all black and pink.

We laugh at her antics; they’re just plain funny.

We watch to see what next she does

with her pointed ears raised to the sun.

Everyone loves her; it’s not just because

she’s such a smart dog, trained and fun,

but her rambunctious perspective of life that’s sweet.

A born hunter; she loves chasing squirrels,

watches for prey and is fast on her feet.

But with a scolding to let them be

she understands the rules and command

so with reluctance will set them free.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

Paw notes:  The picture above was taken just a few days after Maggie was bitten by a rattle snake and was fortunate to even be alive. Last fall she and my husband were up on our mountain property and Maggie came across a rattle snake, something she had never seen before. Because of her curiosity she could not leave it alone so smacked at it with her paw and it bit her on the muzzle above her mouth. When my husband heard her yelp and saw her jump twice when struck he knew what had happened. We have a lot of rock and boulders on our lot there where snakes and small game hide and nest and large game (deer, elk, black bears, cougars and coyotes are sometimes seen, the deer almost all the time which we love). My husband immediately stopped cutting and clearing wood piles to get her into the back of our car and hurried down to the CSU veterinary hospital where she was treated and anti-venom injections were administered. She was kept over night for observation but, released the next day and doing much better so was able to come home. It was a scary experience for her and for my husband as he rushed her down to Fort Collins over twenty miles away. The shaved part on Maggie’s leg can be seen here where they inserted an IV tube and one of the two puncture wounds can be seen near her nose. She is a survivor as well as a ‘hunter’, but we hope she will be more wary and careful of snakes and game in the future. It will no doubt make our whole family more careful as we hike, walk around and camp out as it is a favorite retreat for ourselves and our kids and grand kids.

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