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Moose hunting in Colorado- with a camera
























On a recent trip across Cameron Pass, (elevation 10,000 + ft.) in the northwest part of our state we spotted these two moose along the road and took these pictures. The moose on the left is  a young male, his antlers still  small, but distinct.  The  moose on the right is a female. There is an estimated 1,700-2.200 moose population in Colorado, but they are hard to find or detect when hunting or looking for them as they blend into their surroundings. So, we were very happy to have found these two grazing near the road. We have taken these day trips several times and this was the first time we have found any, so it made the trip all the more exciting.

The bottom left photo shows the marshland, a prime habitat area where moose are often found. It is located near the town of Walden where we stop, and eat at this very quaint, little cafe. Walden is a small town, typical of a mountain hunters’ community and fun place to stop and explore before heading back home to Loveland.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)











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