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Nature restores itself after the flood

Scenic river walk and nature refuge

This is a new part of an existing trail that runs along the Big Thompson River in our town. It is a part of the trail that was flooded and damaged in the Sept., 2013 flood causing millions in damage and loss in our town and northern Colorado. Most of the old trails and walking paths had to be rebuilt or repaired since the flood, but it is nature healing itself and replenishing what was damaged and lost that we can celebrate this summer when we see what has ‘come back’, and the trails are once again popular walking/biking places to enjoy. When we walked the trail here recently it was peaceful, the water still and quiet as we remember the raging high water during the flood. The trees have grown up, filled out, and the grass and reeds along the water bank are sprouting up with beautiful, thick foliage. From time to time I will post a photo of our walks along these trails this summer. It has become a special time of worship, communing with God and nature, thankful for what He has blessed us with. 


Joyce Johnson (2014)


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