For the sake of technical correctness

It came to my attention lately, quite by accident that I had a really messed up category listing with much or most of all my posts (poems, fiction and misc.) incorrectly categorized under, THE INFORMANT’S AGENDA  although I did have all of those previous posts under their proper category, i.e. poetry, fiction, etc. as well. Just how this happened I’m not sure, but am certain I did not intentionally mark them all that way. 🙂  I believe my ‘link category’ and my ‘category’ exchanged places somewhere, or I inadvertently created the beast myself by mistake. 🙂 Regardless, I am now aware of the ‘category’ error on all those pasts posts and am correcting it as much as possible as I check each post in the past three years to ‘update’ all.

Because of that error when a reader would want to view the posts and chapters to my long novel length story, THE INFORMANT’S AGENDA  by using the category listing on the left they would get all of those posts labeled incorrectly coming up, so I am sure that created confusion or frustration for one wanting to read current posts or chapters of that story. And on that story I did some revising, re-editing and re-organized the order of posted chapters.  But, the easiest and best way to pull up the chapters on that story is to go up to the ‘menu’ selection at the top of the screen, and come down to each chapter one at a time to read or view where all chapters are current and properly displayed from chapters 1 to 24. A few of my misc. posts that were related to material used in my story chapters are also categorized with that link as they are bits and pieces used for a writing prompt or update sometime back. Anyway, I hope I have not confused anyone wanting to go back into my archives to look up a post (of poetry or any kind) or chapter to read.

To add to my problem I am dealing with a very old Gateway desktop about 8 years old. Remember those?  🙂 Even with the highest internet speed my old desktop is sluggish, very slow at loading and wants to die in its sleep. 🙂 So, even though I have a newer HP laptop I like using the big clunky desktops for most typing, editing and posting jobs as it is a more comfortable keyboard. Besides, my husband likes my laptop for his games. So, I will be on the hunt for a good deal on a new desktop for myself, equipped with the latest. 🙂

Thank you all for following, reading and commenting on my story, and reading my fiction, poetry and varied posts. It is all greatly appreciated.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)


Posted September 26, 2014 by Joyce in My Writings

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