When like David, I’m weak

Lord, you know my plight and plea

You hear my every cry

You know where I am weak

in walking the path that you lead,

the one I know I must follow

to seek after alone your will.

Help me overcome

my insecurities lest I fall

to temptations on all sides

Give me strength, give me courage

to win the battles that will come

against my unseen enemies.

If there be doubt and fear that gains

a foothold to my soul

help me vanquish with quick defeat

those things that lurk inside of me.


Joyce E. Johnson (2014)

Footnotes; My love for the book of Psalms in the Old Testament Bible written by David, King of Israel inspired the above poem. I love reading David’s writings, his Psalms of petition or prayers to God. He also wrote Psalms of Praise for the things God brought him through when he went through trying, difficult times. Even though there were many victories for David as he fought and killed the giant, Goliath, the Philistines, and won many battles of war for Israel  he also dealt with insecurities, doubt, fear, guilt, and remorse for sins he committed against God and man. But, always mindful of the greatness of God and His power David glorified the Lord with his writings of Psalms and praise. And the victories for the nation of Israel and its people continued. When I visited Israel in 2001 and toured that country our group was taken to David’s tomb and God’s anointing was on that place. It was a powerful moment, wonderful trip and the Psalms are today one of my favorite books to read.

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