Restarting good habits, dropping the old

When the new year got off to a fresh start there were no big booms in the sky with fireworks, carvings in stone, or plans inked on paper to initiate my New Year’s resolutions. But, what I vowed to myself was to restart some of the good, old habits that I had not kept up through the years. My first and foremost important one was to return to my daily Bible reading and devotion time with God. It is an area of my life that slacked off when I became too involved in working solely on writing and posting. With a new Bible reading plan from online I was able to set up an automatic scripture reading plan for both the New and Old Testament Bible books. Each day’s reading passage is sent to me via email and I can just follow the link to the planned daily scripture passage and daily verse. The app is convenient and easy to establish a good study/reading habit during my devotional time with God. It feeds my inspiration with new ideas, insight, and perspective as well as providing the essential tools I need to apply the biblical principles to my life. What I especially love is the beautiful poetry in the Psalms, the rich history of the Old Testament stories and people, and the parables of Jesus. Having my large NIV study Bible handy helps too as I often look up cross references and notes. Because I also lead a writers’ group sponsored by my church I know it will better equip me in my leadership role to those in my group who are new to writing, blogging and posting on social media networks.

With the wealth of all that is in the, ‘greatest book ever written’ and the ‘best selling book’ of all time I anxiously await new ideas and inspiration I will glean from some of the oldest stories that date back to the beginning of time. And, who knows what kind of discussion and thoughts, or comments might come back to me with another’s perspective as well.


Joyce E. Johnson (2015)


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