Those days gone, but not forgotten

That's me at age 10 I think in my 'poodle skirt'. Wish I still had it. :)

That’s me at age 10 I think in my ‘poodle skirt’. Wish I still had it. 🙂


Have you got some old memories of your childhood you wish you could go back to? Or maybe, those were times you would rather not. For me, they were days that are today like little bytes of memory not just stored in the back of my brain, but on my computer as well as I begin shuffling through the oldies but goodies of the good old days of my childhood and scanning them to my computer photo files. Those old pictures, black and white, or enhanced in color are gems by which I can revisit my yesterdays.

I feel so fortunate to have had so many of those good years and times I can still remember well, and hope from time to time share a few that had special meaning to me. In this photo above I was standing on the steps in front of our house behind the church my parents pastored dressed in my poodle skirt and the little wool red jacket I wore that my mother and father bought for me on a mission trip to Cuba once.

I remember growing up when I went from baby dolls in buggies to paper dolls nesting in their cardboard box homes, to jacks tournaments, bicycles and roller skates. Then of course by my teen years my favorite pastime was gawking, but not always talking to the boys for fear of drawing attention to my ever-present insecurities. I was one of those late bloomers too afraid to come out of my shell long enough to socialize with a bit of confidence. But, like a favorite song of mine in the 60’s era, to quote a phrase, ‘Growing up is hard to do.’

But, with every passing birthday and they come too often for me it seems, I am thankful to still have them, 🙂  and remember all I can of those good old days in poodle skirts, 45 rpm records, skating on a hardwood floor at the roller rink, and getting up enough nerve to smile, wave or talk to a cute boy. 🙂


Joyce E. Johnson (2015)


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