The things I once did

I remember the hop, skip and jump

between the ends of a jump rope with childhood friends

and practicing the hurdles and running a relay

was the thing I did inside the gym.

Our coach yelled, “Go!”, and we set out to win.

All of the walking and bicycling back then

was enough to stay fit and trim,

and when I put away my hula hoop

to go dancing to a new kind of ‘hop’

 I was thirteen and moved about

and around on a polished wooden floor

to music of the sixties and  ‘be-bop’ tunes.

But, as I got older the pains, creaks and cramps

wore down my knees, and I’d had enough.

Whatever my fears, dreading the outcome

I succumbed to a ‘procedure’ providing the way

to find relief and walk again

without the pain from arthritic knees.

Now, I look forward to the things I can do,

even though I’m no longer a child of ten

with jacks and jump ropes and hula hoops.

I can walk and bicycle, dance, or prance,

and feel like a filly let loose at the gate.

The world is my arena and I sport ‘new’ knees.


Joyce E. Johnson © 2015

Footnotes:  I had my second ‘total knee replacement’ surgery done on June 30th. The first one (left knee) was done almost four years ago. The second one (right knee) done on June 30th is I think going well, as I am in the middle of my therapy, so I’m taking some time off to recuperate and recover before getting back to my usual posting and writing routine.

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