A New Year Begins


Looking east towards St. Louis, Mo, while on a road trip, years ago (taken from my car). Photo credit: Joyce E. Johnson


A new year looms; predictions are made.

Do we dare look ahead with expectant hope

that we can live our life in safety, not fear,

and that what we believe to be what we need

can be realized, not a promise unseen?

Change is what we make it,

lying dormant until we produce.

Those New Year resolutions that filled a list

may become but empty regrets,

but, a moment in time is a precious thing;

it is that which comes only once,

so, I’ll cherish that moment with what counts most,

and I’ll fill it with what will last.


Joyce E. Johnson (2015)

When I reflect back on 2015 and prior to opportunities I had interacting with bloggers, writers, and friends on Word Press, and social media sites, I am grateful and thankful for the people I came to know and care about. Sometimes, there is only a fleeting moment in time when opportunity comes around just once. What we say, what we do, even to just encourage one, or pray for them might be that one time that can make a difference.  

It is the same with our friends and family outside of the blogging community; telling one we love them, care about them. When we see the terrorism, wars, shootings, and chaos our country, our world has experienced and still faces today, our lives remain as fleeting as that moment in time, for it could be our last. Those are moments I don’t want to miss. So, I balance my time more carefully now, and I look at each new day, each moment in time as a gift from God. 

I want to take this moment to tell each one out there who has visited my blog site, read my posts, followed me, or commented that I care about you. I hope that your new year will be a blessed one, and that you will have a happy, healthy and safe new year in 2016. Thank you all for reading my posts, visiting my blog site and commenting on those posts you enjoyed. Here’s to a new year in 2016. Savor each moment you have, and God bless you all.     

Joyce E. Johnson © 2015

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