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What defines me?  The way I live. The things I write: They are the ‘Reflections’ of the person and writer that I am, and most importantly, an image of my creator.  “As water reflects a face, so a man’s (or woman’s) heart reflects the man (or woman).” II Cor. 3:18, New Testament Bible. My ‘Reflections’ are only a part of my  identity, or uniqueness in the person I am; a Christian, a believer saved by grace, forgiven my sins, and still working to become the person God wants me to be, not made perfect by any means. It is my hope too, that my life reflects other things important in my life that I give God thanks for; two wonderful girls, and four grandchildren whom I love spending time with.

As a writer? I define it this way. A blank page to a writer is his podium, his pen: a microphone. I believe that writing is a ‘craft’ one can never perfect, only improve. I began writing in 1974, doing a variety of things (poems, devotionals, articles and prose of all kinds). After having some poems and articles published I  became focused on writing fiction.  Ideas for my fiction come in whatever way the inspiration comes, sometimes with an unexpected perspective, twist or ending.  That is part of the fun in creating, all in the name of ‘Make Believe.’ Sometimes I like to turn a situation around for my characters, from one of despair to one of hope, in their favor, and their life is changed forever. The sad news is not everyone lives, but not everyone dies, either.  If I have told a story well the reader might relate to the story or character, laugh or cry, grieve or empathize, depending on the genre or delivery.

I don’t think we ever ‘grow up’, only ‘grow older’.  And in so doing I am always teachable, as in life. As a writer I live from one inspiration to the next, from one idea to the next, and out of all I hope there is something worth writing about, and for the reader; something worth reading. But as a person I take one day at a time, and every day counts.


Joyce E. Mannhalter

Posted May 4, 2012 by Joyce

45 responses to “About me

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  1. Just stopping by to say hello again Joyce and to wish you well. I can’t seem to find your home page link at top of page so I’m not sure if your still posting. I still do at WP but just once every few weeks now.

    I reread your post about not worrying today. Easier said than done for a person like me but this was very helpful and well written by you.

    Take care, hugs, Geraldine

    PS, We moved to Vancouver Island about a year and a half ago. What a beautiful place! Still facing many challenges but a lot more hopeful these days too.😊

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    • Hi Geraldine. Good to see you dropped by. Hope you like your new home and location in Vancouver. I love that place, and enjoyed it when visiting there while on vacation trips. I have taken a long break from blogging since first of April due to personal problems. I hope to get back to it soon. Hope all goes well with you. Take care.


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