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This is a story about young adults in the sixties era during the time of the Vietnam War when the draft was implemented to increase the numbers of troops needed to fight the war in Southeast Asia during the years 1965-1975. It was about a ‘coming of age’ generation, of youth across the country holding protest demonstrations against the war,  rebelling against the ‘establishment’ of rules and regulations, experimenting with pot, and ‘free love.’ It is about those who swarmed to the Beatles concerts, and rocked and danced to the tunes of popular groups and singers at rock concerts like Woodstock.

When Dark Closes In tells the story of Jennifer, Scott and their friends who lived, loved, fought and died during that time, succumbing to  the shadows of a dark period in history. The story will follow the lives of some through the years, through their good times, and bad. But, from out of the darkness comes a light of hope and redemption for some whose lives will be forever changed from that moment on.


This is a work in progress, an ongoing story I have resurrected from my unfinished projects of years past.  I will post new parts and chapters to this from time to time as each is finished and edited. The ‘prologue’ and first few chapters are posted and categorized under the WHEN DARK CLOSES IN category, and also be found posted under Fiction.

Joyce E. Johnson

Posted April 25, 2013 by Joyce

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